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Warehouse & Distribution Management

Warehouse & Distribution Management

With ArrowKart (a division of Arrow Staffing Solution Pvt. Ltd.) warehouse and distribution capabilities across India, ArrowKart can formulate a solution to handle your company’s unique logistics requirements and distribution service requirements. We will support your distribution center management strategies by helping on transportation costs, sort and sequence shipments and add value to your business chain. Our national warehouse and distribution services, combined with our technology, increase the productivity of your business with a complete international logistics solution.

Key Points That Sets Us Apart
  • High sensitivity and responsiveness to service requirements.
  • We offer the best combination of best cut off timing, cost effectiveness and speed of delivery for your requirements.
  • Over Dimensional Cargo and Out of Delivery Area are handled with the utmost efficiency by ArrowKart


  • Reduce inventory carrying and freight costs
  • Increase end to end visibility in your supply chain
  • Improve inventory and order fulfillment accuracy.
  • Save money on operational expenses, fixed overhead and taxes.
  • Flexibility to increase and decrease footprint according to business needs and seasonal demands.
  • Minimises inventory loss from theft, fire, damage, etc.

Steps To Achieve

Step 1

Determine the Objective of the Facility

Step 2

Define Volumes and Functional Requirements

Step 3

Picking of goods for consigning and dispatching

Step 4

Packing to ensure that orders are complete and accurate.

Step 5

Dispatch through operation’s ability that ready for departure